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Blowing Rock Rated One of America’s 25 Best Small Towns by Expedia

The Blowing Rock attraction

Blowing Rock, N.C.  – One thousand Americans selected and polled by travel booking web site Expedia have rated Blowing Rock one of the 25 best small towns in the country. Expedia reviewed the feedback and pinpointed the most frequently mentioned favorite towns to visit. Blowing Rock ranked 16 of the 25 towns, which included Cape Cod, Lake Tahoe and Aspen, and outranked such well-known destinations as Key West, Branson, Missouri and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

For more information, go to viewfinder.expedia.com/features/americans-pick-favorite-destinations/.

Tracy Brown, Executive Director of the Blowing Rock TDA, was pleased by the town’s latest honor. “We can boast about our town and region all day long, but when visitors do the talking, it’s real, and it means a great deal more when the traveling public says this kind of thing about us. Blowing Rock is an authentic destination with rich experiences, and we’re thrilled to be recognized in this way and alongside the other great towns across the country,” Brown said. 

In revealing its results of its survey, Expedia said,” Oh, smaller towns and cities, how we love you. You offer us an escape from the buzz of traffic, buildings that block out the sunset, and hectic, high-speed attitudes. And don’t even get us started on your killer charm and good looks.”

And of Blowing Rock: “The village of Blowing Rock, tucked along the Blue Ridge Parkway, is devastatingly gorgeous with its spring wildflowers and rust-colored leaves in autumn—but don’t just stand there, get out and enjoy it! Between hiking trails and adventure courses, this area was made to explore.”

For more information on Blowing Rock, go to blowingrock.com. Expedia lists more than a million flights, hotels, packages and more. Expedia.com.

Shops and shoppers along Main Street, Blowing Rock