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Blowing Rock Elementary School Playground Rejuvenation Team Announces ‘Square Feet for Small Feet’ Fundraiser


Blowing Rock Elementary School parent Santiago Espinosa created the video. 

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 30, 2014. The Blowing Rock Elementary School playground rejuvenation continues, and recently organizers announced another fundraising effort: Square Feet for Small Feet.

Square_Feet_FlyeraConstruction started days after the 2013-14 school year ended and the goal is now to complete the project this fall. The project to refurbish the playground, which was built in the ‘70s, came about because children were getting hurt on some of the old, metal playground equipment. Collapsing retaining walls, drainage issues and exposed tree roots for children to trip over were among the hazards at the playground.

While some of the equipment was refurbished, new equipment has been added such as a tree house with a swinging bridge, slides and climbing apparatus. This design was based on concepts elementary children drew as they pictured their “dream playground.” Extensive excavation work and grading has already took place, and the picnic shelter was expanded. In addition, an amphitheater will provide a “glorious new place for outdoor education and performances.”

Now the “playground rejuvenation team” is seeking funds to purchase a product called “Poured-In Place Rubber.” This product will be the base of the playground, so if children fall or trip, they will experience a softer landing than before the renovations. In addition, AstroTurf will also be installed on some of the hills. Encasing the AstroTurf and rubber surface will be sidewalks. So far half the sidewalks have been completed.

The group is looking to raise $163,000 to complete the renovations.

Various giving levels include $10,000 for 400 square feet of the surface; $5,000 for 200 square feet; $1,000 for 40 square feet; $500 for 20 square feet; $100 for four square feet; $75 for three square feet; $50 for two square feet; and $25 for one square foot.

To donate, click here and here. For more information about this project and two artist renderings and photos of construction, click here.

An artistic rendering of the one of the focal points of the rejuvenation project.