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Todd Bush Captures ‘Blood Moon’ Wednesday Evening

Overlooking Sugar Top, Todd Bush captured the "blood moon" on Wednesday evening.
Overlooking Sugar Top, Todd Bush captured the “blood moon” on Wednesday evening.

By Jesse Wood

Oct. 9, 2014. Banner Elk-based photographer Todd Bush captured the ‘blood moon’ on Wednesday night. 

Earlier in the day, early risers – in regions with clear skies – saw a “blood moon” with the total lunar eclipse, the second of two this year, occurred. While Bush attempted to catch the lunar eclipse before 6 a.m. on Wednesday atop Grandfather Mountain, clouds unfortunately blocked the view.

The lunar eclipse was visible from Australia, The Pacific, Asia and North and South America, according to Matt’s Astronomy website. While the eclipse happened at sunrise in Western North Carolina, it occurred at the beginning of the moonrise in Asia.

The event lasted for about five hours, but the total eclipse lasted roughly an hour – something half of the world had a chance to see.

Check out photos of the eclipse from around the world here: http://www.space.com/27380-blood-moon-eclipse-photos-october-2014.html

Check out the video of the eclipse below:

This photo was taken on Sunday evening. On Wednesday, the moon was a red as this forest. Photo by Ken Ketchie