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Chemical Peel, Southern Femisphere and Brain Paint to Play at Black Cat in Boone on July 18

July 18, 2013. On July 18, The Black Cat in downtown Boone will host Chemical Peel, a post-punk group and all-female band, Southern Femisphere from South Carolina.  Brain Paint, an emerging local band, will also be playing.  The show is free, but donations are appreciated. 


Chemical Peel are known for their mathy post-punk aesthetic and catchy melodic vocals.  Downtuned and muddy, the band is derivative of both ’60s garage rock like the Kinks and avant-garde post-rock like PIL.  

Southern Femisphere, an all female band, are reminiscent of early ’90s new wave with notes of alternative pop and art rock.

Featuring a compilation of members of bands like Slopes, Katterwaul and Hats, Brain Paint is a new local band with a compelling new act. Playing hook-heavy avant-garde/psych punk with bellowing, reverb-drenched vocals, they offer a unique sound uncommon to Boone.

For more information, visit Black Cat’s music page and the Loven House Underground events page on Facebook.  Presale tickets for the July 27 show at the Black Cat featuring EX-CULT, OBN IIIs, Katterwaul and Nerve Endings will cost $5 per person for presale and $7 on the day of the show.