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Bikers, Boarders and Walkers: Enjoy Human-Powered Fun at Boone Cyclo.Via on Sunday

 By Jessica Lyons

Portions of Howard, Depot and Rivers streets in downtown Boone will be closed to drivers on Sunday, July 31 for the sixth annual Cyclo.via festival.

Bikers, boarders and walkers will take the streets from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the event, which will be hosted by the nonprofit organization We Can So You Can. The festivities aim to celebrate health and wellness in a motorized vehicle- and carbon-free way.

Cyclo.Via will host local nonprofits to support, food vendors, a full day of events and shows and live music and coverage from 90.5 WASU. It will be free to attend with chances to support to local nonprofits and vendors throughout the day.

“What we’re doing with Cyclo.Via is closing down streets to vehicular traffic and opening them up for non-vehicular traffic for bicycles, skates, walking,” said Bing Oliver, a cyclist in Boone, in a video from last year’s festival.

The event will have the Freestyle Connection BMX show performing at noon, 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. as the biggest trick bike show to ever come to Boone. Other events for the day include big wheel races, the slowest bike race ever, a bike log pull and live music and bands playing through the entire festival. An entire list of events and descriptions can be found on Cyclo.via’s event page.

So far, 29 different vendors ranging from advocacy groups to specialty shops will be at Cyclo.Via to either support the event or set up a booth. Along with plenty of food and entertainment spaces, some advocacy groups will set up to help raise awareness for their causes or promote healthier living in the High Country.

“Cyclo.Via is a great thing. You can bring your kids down and show them all these great things are going on downtown and see what else you can do to move and be active and be safe,” cyclist Jolynn Mahoney said in the video.

A map of event space was released to help participants find free parking and the road blocks. It also highlights the “human-powered zone” where only people on non-motorized vehicles can be. Cyclo.Via encourages participants of all ages to come out for the event and support the motor-free day for years to come.