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Beware of the Very Cold Temps in the Forecast, Temperature Drop of Zero Right Around the Corner


By Jesse Wood

Jan. 6, 2014. After the temps in the 60’s on Sunday, temps in the 20’s on Monday felt nearly unbearable for long periods of time outdoors.

By Tuesday, we’ve all probably acclimated to cold weather a little bit, which is relatively mild for what’s in store. The next few days will feel like we’ve finally entered winter in the mountains with temps similar to those of January 2014. Remember last year when all of the lakes and ponds in the High Country were frozen?

Here are the lows forecasted through Friday in Boone, according to RaysWeather.com.

  • Monday: 0
  • Thursday: 14
  • Friday: 13

“The core of the cold greets you Thursday morning,” reads RaysWeather.com forecast introduction titled, Too Cold To Hold. “We’ll hang out in the frozen tundra through Friday before cracking the freezing mark this weekend.”

RaysWeather.com has also produced a forecast map of wind chills on Wednesday night, where the wind chill will drop significantly below zero in Avery, Ashe and Watauga counties. See that map below.

With the very cold weather on the way, the Zionville Volunteer Fire Department posted a message on Facebook encouraging people with wood stoves to be sure and have their chimneys cleaned if that hasn’t been done in the past year.

“The Chief says, ‘With all this warm weather recently, lots of people have had their wood stoves choked-down, now we’ll be back to cold temperatures and those stoves will be opened up and hot again. Think about your chimney. If you haven’t had it inspected and cleaned in over a year, it might be full of creosote. This condition is dangerous and could start a chimney fire. We fight several of these fires in Zionville every year. Get that chimney checked and cleaned. And you know… it’s good luck to shake a chimney-sweep’s hand!’”

See some weather graphics from RaysWeather.com and the National Weather Service below:

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