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Bethel Blast, An Explosive July 4th Celebration, Hits the High Country Tomorrow in Bethel

Tomorrow, July 4, the Town of Bethel will be providing a July 4th Celebration at Bethel Park. The event begins at 5 p.m. with a free BBQ dinner and live music from 5 until 9 p.m. After dark, the “best fireworks show in the High Country” as Bethel likes to call it will proceed in an awesome closing of the nation’s most patriotic holiday. 

Bethel Blast, hosted by Bethel Baptist Church, can best be described as a community outreach event. During the community-oriented July 4th celebration, Bethel Baptist not only works to celebrate the nation, but it works to reach out, witness to and spread the gospel to everyone in attendance. 

The event has been going on for over 12 years now, and its original purpose was to bring the community together. Over the years, it has morphed into a Christ centered and community outreach event to help bring everyone together not only with fireworks but through fellowship as well.

Charlie Martin, the pastor at Bethel Baptist, stated that when the church first began, the congregation was small. However, as the Bethel Blast as continued to grow and develop, the church’s numbers have also grown, putting Bethel Baptist Church on the map. The 4th of July event has made a tremendous impact in this community, allowing for the church to be a place for people from all over the High Country. 

What started out as a small family reunion grew into a church event and then evolved more into a massive community celebration, reaching numbers of 4,000 people all from different walks of life. 

Everyone in the church that wants to participate as volunteers for the Bethel Blast are more than welcome, as this is a kind of event where there is always a job that needs to be done. The behind-the-scenes activities range anywhere from cutting the watermelons, washing the potatoes, baking the food and cleaning up the trash, so that the park is left spotless after the event. 

Because the Bethel Blast isn’t a fundraiser by ay means, the entire day, all of the food and activities, are free for everyone in attendance. The main purpose of the Bethel Blast is not to be a moneymaker but to be a community event to bring people together in happiness, union and fellowship. 

For more information, call 828-297-2694.