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Benefit Dinner for Bev Giles and Family Happening March 11 at the Boone Moose Lodge

A special benefit dinner for Bev Giles will take place this Sunday, March 11 from 3 p.m. until they run out of food at the Boone Moose Lodge.

Giles was diagnosed with cancer recently and she and her husband, Nelson, are struggling to deal with the medical bills that have hit home.

“Both Bev and Nelson have been members and supporters of the Boone Moose Lodge and our mission to help others for decades,” said Tracy Brown, the governor of the Boone Moose Lodge. “It is only natural that we support them when they need us. We’re happy to open the doors of our lodge to allow the community to help us help them. We expect a large turnout as so many people love Bev and Nelson.”

The chicken dinner plate can be eaten at the Moose Lodge or picked up as to-go orders. The suggested donation for the dinner is $8-10. The chicken comes with green beans, mashed potatoes and a roll and there will be deserts available as well.

“We’re hoping for a great turnout. These are two very special members. They’ve been longtime members of the Moose Lodge family and the Boone Community,” said Alice Craft, who has been one of the organizers for the event. “It was probably early 2000’s when I met Bev for the first time and she just has an infectious smile and spirit and a larger than life personality. We want to do everything we can to support her and her family in their time of need right now.”

The food is expected to go quickly. Craft said that they are anticipating preparing between 80 and 100 meals.

“Bev is such a special member of the community. We anticipate a large turnout,” Craft added.

The Boone Moose Lodge is located at 607 Deerfield Road.