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Beech Mountain Partners With Recess to Bring “Easy Does It” Snowboarding Event to the High Country, Mar. 4

By Katie Benfield 

On Saturday, Mar. 4, Recess will be presenting “Easy Does It,” a snowboarding event at Beech Mountain full of style and fun. The day will consist of shredding around the resort, whether you’re a pro or just a beginner, just to have a great time boarding.

“We always do like a big event every year,” J.P., the owner of Recess, said. “This year, we wanted to do something more focused on fun with everyone involved without any contest pressures.”

All levels of boarding are welcome and encouraged to come to the event. It isn’t about being the best — it’s all about enjoying the art and fun of snowboarding while having a great time just tearing it up on the hill!

Unlike most snowboarding events around the High Country, Easy Does It is centered around that very idea—easy does it.

“There aren’t any first, seconds or thirds, but there are still some awards and prizes,” J.P. said. “It’s more like an excuse to get everyone together and go snowboarding to have some fun.”

Some of these stand-out awards will be centered around things such as best grab, most style and will be the results from various on-the-fly games throughout the day (so be sure to be on the lookout for those!).

“We are going to try to do a cool little rhythm section and some BMX style jumps,” J.P. said. “We’re basically winging it on the hill, just getting everyone involved and doing things together.”

According to J.P. there will be judges present, but the setup is different from most snowboarding events. Throughout the day, the judges will decide to announce a specific thing they will be looking for, such as doing any kind of trick, and if you catch the judges’ eyes, you get a raffle ticket.

“It’s more about style and creativity than anything,” J.P. said.

The setup for this event is beneficial for all snowboarders because it takes the contest pressure off while emphasizing to just have fun and enjoy snowboarding. It’s not about who’s the best or most experienced snowboarder. It’s just about getting together and having a good time.

“So, you might have a kid who it may be his first time ever hitting a jump,” J.P. said, “and then someone else who is doing like a 360 or something. They both have the same chance of winning the same prize through the raffle tickets.”

The event will involve snow features and transitions, rather than your regular extravagant set up. This means that everything is made out of snow, instead of rails or other constructed sets.

Because Beech Mountain got a new park this year, the event is taking advantage of the new Rope Tow that is in place. The Rope Tow is basically a rope that pulls the snowboarders back up to the top of the hill once they’ve ridden down.

“You basically hang onto the rope, and it takes you back up to the top,” J.P. said. “So, everyone is literally circling around each other.”

The Rope Tow is fairly convenient for this kind of event because it means that participants don’t have to leave the hill, get on the chair lift and travel back to the top of the hill. The way it is, people are riding up the side and riding down the hill at the same time.

“It’s really cool because everyone is going to be riding at the same time,” J.P. said. “Everyone’s just like together the whole time in one spot.”

The event is free to everyone with a special event-day price of $20 for the Rope Tow on the hill.

“It won’t gain you access to the chair lift, but that’s okay,” J.P. said. “It’s only $20, and you get to ride in the park the entire day and check out what it’s like and be around everyone.”

Registration takes place the day of the event from 9:30-11:00 a.m. at Beech Tree Bar & Grille.

“The whole thing is just fun, that’s the whole goal,” J.P. said. “Contests are fun, contests are great, but we wanted to mix it up. We wanted to focus on everyone coming out and having a good time together.”

Sponsors of the event include, but are not limited to: Recess Skate and Snow, Beech Mountain Resort, CrabGrab, Capita, Union, Stance and Snowboarder Magazine.


Fore more information, call Recess at 828-355-9013 or Beech Mountain Resort at 828-387-2011.