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Banner Elk Photographer Todd Bush Captures Overnight ‘Strong Geomagnetic Storm’

Photos by Todd Bush – Click to enlarge

Banner Elk-based photographer Todd Bush captured some more awesome photos:

Here are some photos and what Bush had to say about them:

“A strong geomagnetic storm from the arrival of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of the sun is underway. So I checked the night skies last night & early this morning and didn’t catch any Auroras from this latitude as hoped. But around the neighborhood, the beauty overhead began to show up pre-dawn anyway delivering first color tinted wispy clouds, then a lovely sunrise instead.

Space Weather has coverage of the latest solar cycle including a gallery of some incredible Aurora photos from around the globe: www.spaceweather.com.”

To see more of Bush’s work, click to www.bushphoto.com.