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Banff Film Festival World Tour Virtual Online Platform is Now Available

Appalachian State University Outdoor Programs is pleased to provide an update on how to access the Banff Film Festival World Tour Virtual Online Platform which is now available. 
The Banff FIlm Festival has been an outstanding resource designed to celebrate the people, places, and pursuits from so many beloved mountain environments from all across the globe. 
While Outdoor Programs was disappointed in being able to deliver the Banff Festival World Tour Films (44th Edition) in-person back in March 2020 (or this fall) due to Covid-19, they are pleased to announce a virtual edition of those same Banff Festival World Tour Films (44th Edition) that were missed this year. 
This collection of films and the platform in which the films are delivered was designed by the talented people at the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture.  Appalachian State University has a special affiliate link, and all rentals of these World Tour packages direct a percentage of the proceeds to University Recreation’s Outdoor Programs, to continue the goal of making their programs and trips more affordable and more accessible for more students.
There are three separate World Tour Film Packages, Red, Green, and Blue, and a World Tour Bundle which includes all three programs. (These are the films that we were unable to screen in March.) Once you purchase a program, you will have 72 hours in which to watch the films, and can watch them as many times as you would like during that time. (You have 14 days in which to watch the bundle of films.) The films can be rented from now through October 24th. (For films that are rented on Oct. 24th, you will still have 72 hours in which to watch the films.)
You will also notice a 2020 Festival Pass which is a way to access the Banff Film Festival taking place virtually from Oct. 31 – Nov. 8th. This is the 45th Edition of the Banff Film Festival, and will showcase new films that were submitted this year. Outdoor Programs currently plans to deliver the Banff Festival World Tour (45th Edition) in some format next year. 
For a little inspiration, here is the The Banff Film Festival Intro Video:
Enjoy the films!
For more information, go to www.op.appstate.edu or call 828-262-2475.