Awards, Photos From Inaugural Boone Film Festival

Published Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 1:18 pm



Folks enjoying the “red-carpet” atmosphere at the inaugural Boone Film Festival. Photo by Ken Ketchie

The 2016 inaugural Boone Film Festival, which benefited Mountain Alliance, was a success with more than 30 film submissions, a sold out show with a red-carpet atmosphere and special guests with Hollywood credentials such as Dean Lyon, who was visual effects supervisor on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, among other famous films.

See a video recapping the Boone Film Festival here. 

Below are the winning films at the 2016 Boone Film Festival and some photos from the pre-party and festival day.

Best In Show, sponsored by Tsuga

Long Start to the Journey:  Chris Galloway

The Long Start to the Journey follows filmmaker Chris Galloway on his attempt to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. “Frost” (as he comes to be known on the trail) encounters severe weather, injury, loneliness, and fascinating characters he meets along the way. He walks over 2,000 miles in seven months, experiencing major life changes from becoming engaged to a close family tragedy. In the course of his hike discovers the origin story of the Appalachian Trail and how the early values and battles of the trail movement shaped what the AT has become today.

Best Youth Film, sponsored by Wonderland Woods

Take Me To The Mountain:  Lucas Pruitt

Take Me To The Mountain represents a variety of local and regional mountain biking locations along with some personal insights from the filmmaker.

Best Appalachian Adventure Film, sponsored by Center 45

Beech Mountain Metric:  Wonderland Woods / BSG

The Beech Mountain Metric is a classic mountain century that finishes at the top of Beech Mountain, famed climb of past Tour DuPont rides. With 8,000 feet of climbing, a true test for the strongest of riders. A 43-mile distance with 5,600 feet of climbing is an option as well. The Beech Mountain Metric is a BSG Events ride, planned and executed by the businesses and citizens of Beech Mountain. BSG Events is a fundraising nonprofit whose net proceeds are donated to local charities and public safety agencies in the High Country.

Best Appalachian Environment Film, sponsored by ASU Environmental Science Program

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid:  Chris Foito

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid It’s a species few people have heard of – yet it is devastating the Hemlock forests and the delicate ecosystems that depend upon them. From infestations within our own backyards, the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid ahs already spread throughout the East Coast of North America from the Carolinas up into Canada.

Best Appalachian Culture Film, sponsored by M-Prints

Musickland:  Cameron Bargerstock

Former Southern Bitch rocker Adam Musick left behind music to revive his family’s Virginia farmland. After six years of full-time hog farming, Adam now struggles to return to music against the heartbeat of his new path.


Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie

Photos by Jason Berry


Eitan Abramowitz, a founder and partner in Wonderland Woods Productions, which managed the Boone Film Festival. Photos by Jason Berry


The pre-party event was held at Footsloggers the day before the inaugural film festival.


Bandam performed at the pre-party.


Visual effects pioneer Dean Lyon, who worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a supervisor, and Jerry Sebastian of Wonderland Woods Productions, set up equipment for the festival.


Paul Halluch, a co-founder of Wonderland Woods Productions, sets up equipment for the festival.


Mountain Alliance set up a booth at the festival. All net proceeds from the festival will be donated to Mountain Alliance, which encourages youth to become leaders and to have adventures in the outdoors.


Appalachian Cookie Co. set up a booth at the festival.


Musician Brooks Forsyth performed at the festival.

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