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Avery County Success Story: One Family Finds Safety, Comfort and Thanksgiving in a New Home

Nov. 29, 2013. As the holiday season draws ever closer, it is not uncommon to ask yourself what you are truly thankful for. In the time of goodwill and Thanksgiving, some are more thankful than others. 

Enclosed is a letter written by Sara Price, whose family moved into their new Habitat home just before Christmas last year.

Dear Habitat Supporter,

Eight months into owning a new home, life has changed dramatically for the better. In the house we previously lived in, we struggled to maintain a nice, safe, homey environment for our children. We are very thankful to have been blessed with a new house, a safe, comfortable place we can proudly call home.

Our old home had many issues that we had to deal with on a daily basis. Trying to prevent and get rid of mold was a constant battle. Our children were frequently sick. Our six-year-old developed terrible coughs that would progress into ear infections. Our three-year-old had several respiratory infections, causing him to be placed on multiple inhalers. 

sarah6ca835053a10Since moving in, however, we have had no infections of any kind. Allergies that were once a constant problem very rarely bother us. Everyone is much healthier living in a more sanitary environment. The baby has a healthier place to grow and learn. She has learned to crawl and walk on clean laminate floors instead of old carpeting. She has never had any of the health problems her brother and sister did as babies. 

The most important thing we have gained is a sense of safety and security. It’s very reassuring to know we live in such a well-built house. Our old home needed major structural repairs. We had floor joists that were severed, causing very unstable spots on the flopr. Our house would shake on a windy night, and you could feel the wind pass through the house due to poor insulation.

Now, even on the windiest of nights, you do not feel the house move. I used to tell our kids not to run or jump on our old floors, out of fear that something might break. Now we have no more creaking or sagging floors and the kids feel safe just having fun. I’ve also been amazed at how well our house maintains a temperature. Even when we have had some minor power outages, our house has stayed warm. All of the little problems we used to deal with are a thing of the past as well. It’s good to know when you flip the light switch, the lights will come on or that your water will work today.

Having a new home has brought a sense of contentment to our whole family. We know that we have a home we can rely on for years to come. I can say with great confidence that this is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We are truly grateful to have worked with such a wonderful group of people and blessed to have our beautiful new home. 

Thank you,

Sara Price