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Avery County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Two: Outstanding Warrant, Meth Manufacturing

AveryCrimeOn July 1, officers from the Avery County Sheriff’s office were informed of an arrest warrant from Mitchell County on Patricia Ann Clark, 41. She had an outstanding warrant for felony larceny.

When she failed to appear in court, there was an additional warrant issued for Failure to appear. Ms. Clark was in the Avery County jail on other charges, and the warrants were initiated. She was taken before the Magistrate, and was given a $10,000 secured bond and taken back to the Avery County Jail.

After a lengthy investigation and implementing a search warrant, Avery County officers arrested 27-year-old Daniel Harold Pritchard on charges of manufacturing and possession of methamphetamine, distributing methamphetamine, and possession of precursor chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine.

Mr. Pritchard turned himself in to the Avery County Sheriff’s Office, at which time he received a $125,000.00 Secured bond.