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Avery County Sheriff’s Office Announces Charges for Multiple Breaking and Entering Cases

Sheriff Kevin Frye would like to announce that Calvin Richard Cook of Powder Mill Road has been charged by officers of the Avery County Sheriff’s Office with breaking, entering and larceny as well as safecracking in a residence on Lick Log Road.

In addition, he was charged with a breaking and entering that occurred on Cope Hollow Road, the larceny of a firearm from a vehicle on Powder Mill Road, breaking, entering and larceny from the Carolina Beer and Tobacco store in Elk Park, a breaking and entering near Roaring Creek and damage to property at Scotty and Ebb’s store in Elk Park.

Sheriff Frye reports that officers from the Avery County Sheriff’s Office have charged three people which were involved in a crime spree. Monuel Johnson, Shawn Riddle and Haley Brooke Renfro of Burnsville, were charged for the larceny of a motor vehicle, a maintenance truck from Mayland Community College. Both Johnson and Riddle were each charged with two counts each of breaking, entering and larceny for houses at River Mountain and Gurney Franklin Road.

In addition, Shawn Riddle was charged with breaking, entering and larceny at a residence near the Avery/Mitchell County line. Monuel Johnson was also charged with breaking, entering and larceny at a residence near Cranberry Gap and breaking into a motor vehicle in the Spear Community. Monuel Johnson was also a federal fugitive from justice. Sheriff Frye stated that his officers and detectives have been working on some of these cases for quite some time and was grateful for the hard work that resulted in all of these cases being closed.