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Avery County Sheriff’s Deputies Deploy ‘Stop Sticks’ and Engage in Foot Chase To Apprehend Suspect

May 20, 2013. On May 15, officers with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office and the Newland Police Department responded to the Elk Park area to assist officers with the Carter County Sheriff’s Office in stopping a stolen vehicle traveling into Avery County from Roan Mountain. 

Avery County Sheriff's OfficeThe vehicle was spotted inside Carter County by deputies from Carter County, but the driver, who was a sixteen-year-old Tennessee male juvenile, refused to yield to their attempts to stop the vehicle. 

Once inside Avery County Deputies deployed “stop sticks” and after striking the instruments the vehicle came to a stop in a tree field on Davis Street in Elk Park. 

The male suspect was apprehended after a short foot chase in the tree field. The stolen vehicle, a 1995 Toyota 4 Runner, was returned to the owner in Roan Mountain.

The vehicle sustained damage to the tires as a result of running over the stop sticks.