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Avery County Officials Warn Residents of Phone Scam Circulating Through Community

By Tim Gardner

Avery County law enforcement authorities as well as its fire marshal and other emergency management agents are in the process of contacting as many of the county’s residents as possible by phone and other means to make them aware of a scam currently circulating.

The scam is being conducted by telephone and the caller tells those who answer the calls that their Social Security number has been compromised and they could possibly be arrested. The caller then says that their Social Security number will be locked and for the person answering the call to send money on gift cards. The caller claims to work with Avery Emergency Communications and is even cloning the communications numbers.

Law enforcement and emergency management personnel ask anyone who receives this scam call to not share any personal information, credit/debit card numbers or related financial information. Avery Authorities wants to remind its residents that the Social Security Administration will not call and ask you for money, nor will they tell you that there are warrants for your arrest.

Anyone who has received such a scam call or anyone else who has questions about this scam are asked to call Avery Communications/Sheriff’s Department at: (828) 733-5855.