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Avery County Now Up to Eleven Confirmed COVID-19 Cases With 6 Remaining Active

By Tim Gardner

Avery, the last county in the State of North Carolina to have a Novel Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) case had its eleventh case confirmed Thursday, June 25, by the Toe River Health District (TRHD).

Avery County now has 11 positive cases, 5 of which have recovered with 6 remaining active.

Mitchell (Spruce Pine and Bakersville) and Yancey (Burnsville) counties, also part of the TRHD like Avery, were notified June 25, that one more resident has tested positive for COVID-19 in each county.

These three diagnosed with the virus are in isolation, TRHD officials noted.

Yancey County currently has 42 positive cases. Thirty-three (33) have recovered and 9 cases are active. Mitchell County has had 27 positive cases. Nineteen (19) have recovered and 8 are active, according to TRHD statistics.

The Mitchell and Yancey cases are related to each other through a group activity, and Avery’s case is from a different group activity, health district officials shared.

TRHD staff members and officials from health departments in the three counties are working together to complete investigations and talk with close contacts of those afflicted with the virus to help contain the spread of disease. To protect individual privacy and because of legal reasons, no further information about the cases will be released.

The Yancey, Mitchell and Avery County Health Departments will keep the public informed by announcing any additional cases that may arise through their local media partners such as the High Country Press (hcpress.com).