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Avery County Manager Declares County’s Government’s “By The Numbers” Reflects Stellar Service Provided to its Citizens

Avery County Manager Phillip Barrier, Jr.

By Tim Gardner

Avery County Government’s service to its citizens “By The Numbers” from the last fiscal year of 2021-2002 were released this week by County Manager Phillip Barrier, Jr.  They are the most current county government service numbers, which are updated yearly. Barrier. Jr. said they aptly and accurately reflect the county’s “commitment to its citizens to ensure excellent service and a high quality of life to them.” 

The service numbers include: 

General Services

18,035 County Population (Census 2020)

$3,410,000 American Rescue Grant Received 

7,397 (42 percent) Fully Vaccinated Avery Citizens for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Agriculture Extension Department

2,600 Plants Sold to Start Fruit and Vegetable Gardens 

30 Participants in the Small Animal Youth Program  

220 Individuals Reached Through Nutrition Program 

1.25 Million Christmas Trees Sold by Avery Farmers

14,000 Individuals used the Community Center

Senior Services

14,775 Senior Center Meals Served Drive Through

18,908 Senior Center Home Delivered Meals

6,771 In-Home Home Clients Assisted

1,912 Clients Served by Avery Volunteers

50,984 Miles Driven by Avery Volunteers

237 Medicare Counseling Appointments

Solid Waste

261 Tons of Recycling Collected by Solid Waste

19,507 Tons of Household Waste Collected

243 Tons of Tires Recycled

22,460 Pounds of Household Hazardous Waste Collected

347 Tons of Metals Recycled

Register of Deeds

2977 Deeds Recorded by Register of Deeds

144 Marriage Licenses Issued

90 percent of County Records Scanned for Computer Use

Department of Social Services (DSS)

2,306 Walk-In Visits to Social Services

6 Adoptions Through Social Services

4 Guardianship Placements                                          

89 Children per Month Daycare Service Provided

5,131 Individuals Served Through Income Support Programs

Soil and Water

119 Soil and Water Quality Services Provided

5,624 Feet of Trout Stream Restoration

456 Acres Agriculture Land Quality Enhancements

152 Tons Soil Saved from Entering Trout Streams

$294,873 Funding Through State and Federal Programs for Management Practices


326,128 Total Miles Driven

450 Veterans Served with Transportation

2,368 Senior’s Served with Transportation

2,654 Employment Trips with Transportation

4,909 Trips for Charitable Agencies

19,286 Total Trips Served 

Emergency Management

180 Fire Inspections

16 Emergency Preparedness Meetings

3 Incident Command Centers Setup


67,838 Total Calls into Communications Center

10,682 Emergency 911 Calls into Communications Center


238 New Construction Plans Permitted

260 New Renovation Permits

$159,318,853 Total Estimated Project Value

Tax Office

98.45 percent Collection Rate For 2021 – 22

99.53 percent Collection Rate for The Past 10 Years

$22,066,287 Total Property Taxes Collected

Parks and Recreation

53,101 Total Programs Participants 

16,109 Pool Participants

1,336 Youth Sports Participants

3,960 MANNA Food Bank Participants

160 Yellow Mountain/Special Olympics Activities  

Ambulance Services /Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

4,025 Emergency Calls /Transports

50 Assisted Coronavirus (COVID)Vaccine Clinics/ At-Home Boosters

28 Community Paramedic Service Visits

County election statistics were also provided, which were:

12,013 Voters Registered

9,497 Votes Cast in the 2020 Presidential Election

5,161 Votes Cast in the 2020 Primary Election

76.8 percent turnout of the county’s registered voters

Barrier, Jr. echoed his opening story comment that he is especially elated with these statistical service numbers with these concluding remarks: “These numbers show the dedication of all county employees to the citizens and visitors of Avery County. This assures and provides proof of the excellent service the county government agencies provide to our citizens and our county employees drive to provide the best to Avery County. Their efforts keep getting better and better. I could not be prouder of all our county services.”