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Avery County GOP Holds Annual Convention

Friendly faces welcomed Avery GOP Convention participants on March 27. Seated left to right Andrea Turbyfill, Jody Johnson and Erin Buchanan. 

By Tim Gardner

With election season only four months past and another one just a year away, the Avery County Republican Party held its annual convention at the county’s Agricultural Extension Community Center in Newland on Saturday, March 27. 

The event included various speakers and past and likely-future candidates from Avery County and the western part of the state, including North Carolina District 11 Congressman Madison Cawthorn.

The Avery Republican Party also recognized the recent passing of former chairman Don Baker, passing a Memorial Resolution in his honor during its official business segment.  

Baker preceded current Avery GOP chairperson Erin Buchanan.

Baker’s resolution reads in full: 

Memorial Resolution

Don Baker

WHEREAS, many individuals over the years have made great contributions and sacrifices to the Avery County GOP; and

WHEREAS, there are special circumstances in which certain individuals have had a great influence and are mentors to others in the party; and

WHEREAS, words are inadequate to express our gratitude and appreciation for the commitment and service to the Republican Party.

WHEREAS, the Avery County GOP recognizes the need to express its deepest and grateful appreciation for the life of this individual.

WHEREAS, Mr. Baker born September 28, 1936 in Marion, North Carolina

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee recognizes the memorial of Mr. Donald R. Baker and his iconic, lifelong dedication in the Republican Party of Avery County.

Pictures from the GOP convention’s festivities follows:

Avery County Commissioner Martha Hicks was an active participant in Saturday’s GOP Convention.
Ready to have their voices heard at the Avery GOP Convention were (left to right) Martha Hicks, Hobert Church and Minnie Johnson
Participation in GOP politics is a family value in Avery County.  Seated left to right Mica Buchanan, Finn Carver, Doris Buchanan, Renee Dellinger, Seth Banks, Deirdre Carver and Cameron Carver.  District Attorney Seth Banks was eager to hear from his supporters. 
A high level of interest and involvement was clear at this GOP Convention table.  Seated left to right Sarah Young, Woody Young, Derek Buchanan, Casey Lee and Haley Lee.
The familiar faces of Teresa Benfield and Lisa Daniels graced the GOP Convention.
Interest was high at this GOP table including (left to right) Jessica King, Paisley King, Crissy Vance, Allison Kidd and Levi King. 
Commissioner Dennis Aldridge looked comfortable and confident at the GOP Convention.
Chairperson Erin Buchanan thanked all who attended the GOP Convention and made sure business was conducted properly
Charged with promoting the interests of Avery County in the US House of Representatives, Madison Cawthorn passionately spoke of the challenges confronting North Carolina and the United States of America.  On a personal note, he announced that his marriage was only a week away. 
Candidate for the US Senate Mark Walker spoke of his training as a pastor and his years of experience as a US Representative.