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Autumn at Oz: Get Your Tickets for Friday, Sept. 9 Before It’s Too Late! Saturday and Sunday Sold Out

By Emily Willis

Each year, The Land of Oz theme park holds a fall festival called, ‘Autumn at Oz‘. It is open to the public and tickets are already on the market, so hurry and make sure you make it to the festival this year!

This year’s festival will be held Sept. 9-11, the first year that the fun and adventure is offered over a three day course. Tickets are $35 individually, and Saturday and Sunday tickets are already sold out. You can buy tickets for Friday, Sept. 9 here.

‘Autumn at Oz’ is being held earlier this year, due to the public’s request for warmer weather. The total number of tickets that were on the market this year was 8,500, and even with the change of dates the event is still expected to sell out. The Saturday and Sunday tickets were sold out the first two weeks that the tickets were put on sale.

Cynthia Keller, the event coordinator, said the event’s appeal is “the nostalgia of an older generation returning to the park to bring their children and grandchildren.”

She also said that new interests have sparked since the creation of Wicked, a musical about the witches of Oz.

“The park was the one of the very first attractions in the tourism industry for the High Country,’  Keller said. “It helped to bring the Appalachia region from agriculture to a resort and tourism industry.”

The park was initially opened in June 1970, but closed its gates after the operating season in 1980. Since the 1990’s, it has been restricted from the public in order to restore it. Now, it is only opened for special events, like the Autumn at Oz festival.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Land of Oz, revisit its history in Tim Hollis’ new book, “The Land of Oz,” which will be published on Sept. 5, 2016.












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