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Chilly Nights in the High Country Recently, Comparing Temp. Averages This Week Compared To Last Year

By Mark S. Kenna

August 16, 2013. After a wet July, things are starting to cool down in the High Country.

Below is a breakdown by city of the different temperature averages recored on Thursday and those recorded a year ago on the same day, according to figures from RaysWeather.Com.

  • App Ski Mountain: this year 52.8 F, last year 62.5
  • Banner Elk: this year 57.6 F, last year 61.9
  • Beech Mountain: this year 52 F, last year 58.8
  • Blowing Rock: this year 53.9 F, last year 64.6
  • Boone: this year 56.5 F, last year 65.8
  • Grandfather Mountain: this year 56 F, last year 63
  • Linville: this year 55 F, 63.7
  • Sugar Mountain: this year 52.4 F, last year 61
  • Valle Crucis: this year 59.9 F, last year 64.4

What is also staggering is the difference in the daily high and low temperatures compared with last year’s.  Some residence in cities around the High Country like Beech Mountain, Sugar Mountain and Blowing Rock experienced temperatures in the high 40’s this week. A number that did not even make it to the daily high low on this day last year.

  • App Ski Mountain: high and low today 55.1/ 50.7 F, last year 67.1/ 60.9
  • Banner Elk: high and low today 58.6/48.3 F, last year 69.4/57
  • Beech Mountain: high and low today 53.2/48.9 F, last year 63.5/54.8
  • Blowing Rock: high and low today 55.1/49.7 F, last year 70.1/59.3
  • Boone: high and low today 56.7/51.1 F, last year 77.1/59.3
  • Grandfather Mountain: high and low today 64/55 F, last year 69/57
  • Linville: high and low today 55.1/51 F, last year 73/58.6
  • Sugar Mountain: high and low today 55.4/49.8 F, last year 68.1/57.7
  • Valle Crucis: high and low today 59.9/50.5 F, last year 72.1/57.3