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ASU’s Chancellor Search Committee Unanimously Nominates Two Candidates to UNC President Tom Ross

by Madison V. Fisler

Feb. 20, 2014. Appalachian State University’s Chancellor Search Committee has completed its nomination process of candidates to UNC President Tom Ross.

Originally nominating three names to Ross and the Board of Governors, the search committee voted unanimously to submit just two candidates after a change in circumstance. 

“It’s a very competitive market out there,” said Mike Steinback, chair of the Chancellor Search Committee.

“There are a lot of chancellor positions open in today’s marketplace. All of our candidates are high quality individuals and are sought after oftentimes by more than one campus at a time. One of the candidates we had was in another process that was ahead of ours, and that person opted to accept the position from another university. We in the search committee are in partnership with the UNC President and the Board of Governors in this process. Ultimately our charge was to submit three candidates, but because of the circumstances we unanimously agreed to submit two.”

The unanimous decision of the nominations was made Jan. 31. At this time, after submitting the nominations the Chancellor Search Committee has no further formal actions toward the selection of Appalachian State University’s next chancellor. 

“Mr. Ross and the Board of governors are diligently reviewing the information and collecting it all,” Steinback said. “We would expect maybe sometime in late March to be able to get word on their current determination.”

The nomination process for the new chancellor has been thus far conducted as a closed search, so names of the candidates has not and will not be released.

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Chancellor Ken Peacock announced his decision to step down as chancellor in April. For more information, read the story here.