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ASU Releases Official Enrollment Figures

From a slide presentation Susan Davies gave to the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs committee recently.

By Jesse Wood

Appalachian State University released its official enrollment data for Fall 2016.

Total enrollment increased by 2 percent (or 363 students) to 18,295 over the last calendar year. Undergrad enrollment grew about the same clip to 16,595, and graduate enrollment increased 3.5 percent to 1,700 graduate students.

Distance education enrollment increased 6.6 percent or 76 students.

Just as enrollment as a whole tops previous highs most of the years, the freshman class for 2016 is the largest in ASU’s history. First-year students increased by 2.5 percent over the year to 3,125.

“Slow and steady enrollment continues to be a priority,” ASU Chancellor Sheri Everts said during August remarks at the Fall 2016 General Faculty and Staff Meeting, where estimate enrollment figures were announced.

“That said, it is important to note we are not anticipating any change in our student to faculty ratio, which is a hallmark of the Appalachian Experience. While strong demand is a positive indicator of Appalachian’s overall standing, we must be able to sustain our community. Pacing the growth so that it is slow but steady is key, and Provost Kruger, all the other Vice Chancellors and I are committed to having the appropriate resources in place to support the continued health of the university.”

Everts also celebrated and emphasized the diversity of this year’s class and total enrollment. Diverse new students accounted for 949 students, a 25 percent increase over last year, and total diverse enrollment stands at about 2,695, which is nearly a 10 percent increase.

ASU is planning on supporting enrollment growth to 20,000 students, according to a 2015 RFQ document concerning ASU master plans.

According to historical total enrollment figures:

  • 1985: 10,043
  • 1990: 11,951
  • 1995: 12,457
  • 2000: 13,227
  • 2005: 14,653
  • 2010: 17,222
  • 2015: 17,932


More Numbers From ASU as of Fall 2016

  • 5,692 students live on campus

Total number of faculty/staff = 2,975

  • SHRA* staff = 1,233
  • EHRA* non-faculty = 450
  • IPEDS* full-time faculty = 958
  • Part-Time faculty = 334

(Note: The part-time faculty number is lower than final numbers will be, as all part-time contracts may not yet have been processed at the time that snapshot was taken.)

*SHRA = Subject to Human Resources Act
*EHRA = Exempt from Human Resources Act
*IPEDS: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System