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Fall Color Report: Grandfather Mountain Colors This Weekend as Higher Elevations Begin To See Change

Photo of Grandfather Moutain courtesy of Helen Moss Davis

By Mark S. Kenna

Sept. 25, 2013. “ASU Fall Color Guy” Howard Neufeld, professor in the biology department, posted on the “Fall Color Report” webpage, predicting that the long-term forecasts of precipitation “doesn’t bode well for fall colors.”

According to Neufeld’s most recent post, the High Country is green and will stay green for the next week or two. However, Neufeld did mention that the Yellow Buckeyes have started to change. These trees are “early to leaf out and early to lose them in the fall.”

Photo of Grandfather Mountain courtesy of Helen Moss Davis

But so far the weather has been “near perfect” for fall colors, Neufeld added.

At higher elevations the leaves are starting to turn. For trees above the 4,500 feet, 8 to 10 percent are starting to turn, said Jesse Pope, director of education and natural resources for Grandfather Mountain.

“This weekend we will have some pretty good color at the high reaches of Grandfather,” Pope said. “I think we will have a pretty good fall color this season by the looks of the early trees.”

Pope added that there have been a lot of reds and oranges, so it looks like this years fall colors will be better than last year.

“The real story is yet to be told, but I think we will have a pretty good idea of how good this year will be by mid-next week,” Pope said.

You can follow Neufeld on his fall leaf Facebook page: Fall Color Guy

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