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Astrocities, two consecutive of which break the camel’s back fledgling

As fate would have it, his life begins, more accurately would be continues, to fall apart in a rather rapid series of unfortunate events, and he finally snaps. With all restraint perfunctorily dissipated, it’s astonishing to see the rise to fame of Arthur, from someone who does not matter, to one of the most important people in a city that’s grappling with its fledgling identity of industry, crime and disatisfaction.

In the midst of the chaos, there are instances of hope and redemption however, as the Joker finds someone who can tolerate his quirkiness, perhaps to tame his insatiable needs. It was rather quirky to me to see Sophie Dumond (played by Zazzie Beetz) as Arthur’s love interest, purely because I’ve been conditioned to match Joker to Harley Quinn, who by the way will feature in her own origin story ‘Birds of Prey’, early next year.

It’s not long before there are more astrocities, two consecutive of which break the camel’s back. All hell breaks loose, as Arthur’s startling actions, on live television no less, spark waves upon waves of (in some cases) outrage and (in other cases) widespread violence and what seems like outright anarchy. It’s a dark and grimy scene as we see Joker triumphantly stretch out his arms on top of a police vehicle, right in the throng of a crowd of vigilantes baying for the blood of the establishment.