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Ashe County Rock ‘n Roll Trio Wild Honey Slated to Hit the Ashe Civic Center Stage on Saturday, May 24


May 8, 2014. Wild Honey, a trio of Ashe County rock n’ rollers is slated to take the stage at the Ashe Civic Center on Saturday, May 24 at 8 p.m., offering an evening of locally-grown music.

Made up of Joseph Houck, Jeff Martin and Dylan Spagnolo, Wild Honey has been making a stir around Boone, performing at such venues as Galileo’s, Black Cat Burrito and Bald Guy Brew.

wild honeyFormed in July 2013, Wild Honey’s driving impulse is to offer music grounded in tunefulness, lyricism and groove. While their music blends folk, country and blues, Wild Honey perhaps fits best in the category of old-school rock n’ roll.

“The lure of rock n’ roll, much like bluegrass, is the euphoric energy of the live performance,” said Houck.

Before the formation of Wild Honey, Houck and Martin performed as a duo in Jefferson.

“After playing at talent shows, private events, fiddlers’ conventions and street-corner jams, Jeff and I longed to play live music regularly. We landed a couple of gigs at Boondocks and thanks to the ongoing generosity of the Good Ole Days Gwyn and Janet, we played many Fridays and Saturdays last summer at the Candy Shack,” said Houck.

But the two craved a fuller sound, and with the addition of Dylan Spagnolo, they had just that: guitar, bass and drums.

Indeed, Dylan and Jeff have a musical history of their own. Of the same graduating class, they two first performed together as members of the ACMS Band. As early teens, they rocked out in basement jams, trading the roles of guitarist and drummer.

When the three got together, Wild Honey was made.

“As a band, each brings something different to the table and we have found a way to mesh well. Perhaps this is because each keeps an open mind about the others’ musical talents,” said Houck.

While the group has played several shows already in Boone, this is their first show together in their native Ashe.

“We are beyond thrilled to share a special evening with our local community. We are working passionately to offer a memorable experience for our audience. We look forward to seeing friends both old and current and we hope to make new ones as well. We are sincerely thankful for each business owner or event organizer who has given us the opportunity to perform. Similarly, we owe so much to our friends, family and anyone who has come out to a show to promote us.”

For more information visit Wild Honey on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/WildHoneyMusic