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Asha Batchelor Gives Us a Review on the Winter Thrills of Ice Skating at Appalachian Ski Mtn.

Asha Batchelor skating at Appalachian Ski Mtn.’s ice skating rink.

By Asha Batchelor

It’s still winter as you all might know. And, you might be wondering what to do in the winter. Well, I might have the perfect idea for you. How about you head on down to the App Ski Resorts Ice Skating Rink! You all might know the ski resort. But, do you know about the ice skating rink? It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

I went down to the ice skating rink a couple days ago, and I had an experience like no other!

When you first park. You will have to walk and enjoy the landscape as you head to the rink. You will go through a sidewalk and then see a fire pit and the rink! Personally it’s best at night! Cause, there’s a fire going and you can drink hot cocoa by the fire and skate!

Also, when you go into the skate office to get your equipment you will be greeted by the staff! They will register you with your order number. Then, you will get your helmet and skates! Next it’s pretty self explanatory. You’ll skate!

I had an interview with Drew Stanley the Director of Marketing! I asked him a few questions you might be wondering. About the history and general questions!

When did the ice skating rink open?
Around 1999.
Why did you start the ice skating rink?
Jimmie durham entertainer was the brainchild of this. He went through flaming hoops, had fashion shows and more! It was also a nice compliment to the ski experience. You had a perahamac view of the ski resort when you skate!
What are your safety precautions for the covid?
Limit sales. Not too many people in the ice arena. Online reservations. Rearranged sessions to come and leave. You have to wear masks at all times unless you’re eating. There’s hand sanitizer available. And, plexiglass for the staff.
How long does the ice skating rink stay open in the winter?
The rink opens the day before Thanksgiving. The skating lasts through then to march 21st 2021. There is also skating 3 sessions daily.
Are there any future plans for the skating rink?
Yes. We Improve the rink, festive decor. Lighting, keeping equipment up to date and keeping the skates in good condition.

I had the joy of talking to Drew about this rink! If you live in or are visiting Boone NC you must go here in the winter! There’s ice skating, a cafe, a shop, and a ski resort. It’s truly magical when you go at night, so that’s when I recommend going! There are 3 sessions daily! There is one from noon-2, 3-5, and 7-9pm! You have to make reservations ahead of time to skate and ski!

 Here are the SOCIALS of the ice arena! Be sure to like all of their pages!




Editor’s note: Asha Batchelor is 12 years old and grew up in Boone. We’re happy that she shares her stories with us for our readers to enjoy!

Ice skating rental shop at Appalachian Ski Mtn.
Staff is ready to help with skate rentals and instructions on how to get started.