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As Construction Activity Ramps Up for The Standard Project, Expect Flaggers & Traffic Impacts

Expect some traffic impacts as construction activity ramps up in the coming weeks along Blowing Rock Road for The Standard of Boone project. Photos by Jesse Wood

By Jesse Wood

As construction activity for The Standard of Boone development picks up “substantially” in the coming weeks, the public will see more flaggers and traffic interruptions along Blowing Rock Road and Faculty Street, according to Kyle Moore, senior project manager with Landmark Construction.

“We are working closely with our subcontractors to minimize the negative impacts to traffic and the surrounding businesses (and maximize positive impacts), but as with any large construction project there will be temporary interruptions associated with the construction traffic,” Moore said in an email to Boone Area Chamber President Dan Meyer.

Rendering of the development shown to council members on Thursday evening.
Rendering of development along Blowing Rock Road in Boone previously shown to the Boone Town Council.

Recently, Meyer reached out to the developers to inquire about impacts this construction activity will have on local businesses and traffic in the area. Speaking specifically to neighboring businesses, Moore said:

“Please make sure the surrounding businesses know that with increased construction traffic will come increased customer traffic for them.  We would love to work with them in any way we can to promote their businesses to the workers, so please let me know how we can help on that front.”

The Standard of Boone development is estimated to cost $42 million, according to project plans submitted to the Boone Planning and Inspections Office. It consists of 560 beds of student housing, 12,600-square-feet of commercial space fronting the boulevard and a five-level parking deck, according to Dale Tweedy with Stonegate Developers.

It’s located on a parcel between Blowing Rock Road and Faculty Street, property that used to house the Red Carpet Inn, Scottish Inn and a number of old houses and apartments.

The Stonegate Developers enterprise will open before the 2016 fall semester.

Moore said that the parking deck construction begins next week and will last nine weeks, weather permitting. He expects 10 to 15 trucks per day to deliver precast pieces to the jobsite.

“Additionally, we will be pouring concrete for the building foundation at building A along 321 as well as building B located on Faculty Street.  This will require multiple concrete trucks as well as reinforcing steel delivery trucks on a daily basis,” Moore wrote.

Three to four additional trucks per day will deliver wall panels, floor joists and floor decking once the erection of the “light gauge structural steel (building structure)” begins towards the beginning of October.

Moore said that an offloading site for materials will be staged on the site and traffic interruptions will only be temporary. During these delays, certified flaggers and signage will be working or visible to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

On a lighter note, Moore noted that he planned on flying at least one Appalachian State University flag on the 224-foot crane that HCPress.com published an article about last month.

“I will work on the flag issue,” Moore said.