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Artpurveyors Announces “Pop Up” Show Featuring Cher Shaffer, Aug. 26

Artpurveyors, located at 112 Aldridge Park on the 105 highway in Grandfather Community announces a “Pop up” show featuring Cher Shaffer. Cher Shaffer has been a self-taught artist for the past 45 years. She was born and raised in Georgia, on a small farm. Her early rural upbringing, and her heritage have shaped and informed her work from the beginning. Cher’s mother was mixed blood, Cherokee, and Mulengeon, from the Delta of Mississippi. Her father was German and Cherokee, from north Georgia. Both families had strong agricultural roots.  

Cher’s work is colorful, and has been classified as folk or outsider art. She is a born story teller, and sometimes paints events, and lifestyles of the mountains. Her visionary works, are bold, and fluid and have been compared to Chagall, Picasso, and Modigliani. Her masterful use of image and color have made her work very collectible. The art work of Cher Shaffer, is in numerous museum, public and private collections, such as the Kentucky Folk Art Center, and the Cincinnati Museum of Art. 

She has work in the collections of Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Henry Winkler, Rob Rheiner, Danny Carey, Lou Diamond Philips, and other well known entertainers, and public figures.  

Her work has been the subject of many magazine, newspaper and periodical articles. In 1989, her work was featured in the groundbreaking book, O’Appalachia, by Millard and Ramona Lampell. The book was accompanied by an exhibit that traveled the country for three years. Most of the work featured in the book, was installed in museums from California, to Florida.

Cher has lived most of her adult life in the Appalachian region, and has a strong connection to the traditions and people of the mountains. She currently lives in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina, with her husband on a small farm. 

Cher will be greeting guests at artpurveyors world headquarters during the August 26 Tour De Art from 12-4. For more information call (828)963-7246