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What Haunts You? Artwork from Mauzy on Display at Jones House, Reception Tonight

While you’re out on at First Friday events in Boone on July 1, swing by the Jones House and see artwork inspired by the upcoming In/Visible Theatre show Mauzy and meet some of the artists.

The art will be on display there through the month of July and the show will be featured as part of An Appalachian Summer Festival at Valborg Theatre July 28-29.

Part of the mission of In/Visible Theatre is to build bridges between theatre and other art forms.
Acknowledging that theatre depends on collaborators from many creative areas, In/Visible Theatre has created a visual art project to accompany its summer show, Mauzy.

“Showcasing the work of lots of different kinds of artists is part of what we do,” explains In/Visible Artistic Producer Karen Sabo. “And from set designers, scenic painters, and lighting and costume designers, good theatre depends on talented visual artists. We’re just taking it a step further.” 13217348_10154188740119868_5664317409521101080_o

In the spring, In/Visible put out a call to local artists to submit a piece inspired by their upcoming show Mauzy, created and directed by Artistic Director Derek Davidson. The artists used research materials provided by Mauzy’s Dramaturg, Caitlin Neal-Jones, as well as the script for this upcoming world premiere.

The result is a wide variety of artwork, all reflecting different aspects of this complex show.

“What’s fascinating about this collection of art is that all the artists got the same basic research material, but as art depends on individual aesthetics and interpretation, the pieces that were submitted, and that the community can now see, vary enormously,” said Derek Davidson, Artistic Director of In/Visible Theatre.

Mauzy is a world premiere, and is the second In/Visible Theatre show commissioned by An Appalachian Summer Festival. It is an update of a 600-year-old Japanese play, and is set in Central Appalachia in 1929.

Some of the pieces submitted have an Appalachian feel, while one even reflects the Asian roots of the original story. “Mauzy has Appalachian songs and stories, and those stories are a crucial aspect of the show,” said Davidson. “The show is essentially about how we invent ourselves through the stories we tell, whether those stories are mostly true, or entirely false. So it’s interesting to see the different stories in the artists’ interpretations.”

The show includes pieces from artists such as Brad Parquette, Mark Suggs, Mary Davidson, Jake McGuire, and Martha Enzmann. The exhibit, which will be in the upstairs gallery at the Jones House during the month of July, has been organized and curated by Cindy Ball. Visitors are especially invited to attend during the Downtown Boone First Friday event on July 1st, when some artists will be available to answer questions about their work, and In/Visible Theatre artists will be present.

Mauzy will play on July 28 and 29 at the Valborg Theatre on the Appalachian State University Campus as part of An Appalachian Summer Festival. Tickets are $20 for adults, and $10 for students and children. The show begins at 8pm and runs 90 minutes with no intermission. The show has parts that may frighten children under 10.

In/Visible Theatre believes that artists are obliged to unearth things invisible to most people, and operates under the philosophy that great art is in service to others. Through constantly striving for both inclusion and excellence, they pursue theatre as a home for collective secular revelation.

Click here to learn more about Mauzy.

To purchase tickets for Mauzy, visit appsummer.org. For more information about In/Visible Theatre, visit www.invisibletheatrenc.org.