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AppHealthCare Vaccine Update for Watauga County December 31, 2020; 1575 Doses So Far

“Last week we were able to provide the first COVID-19 vaccines to those who qualify in Phase 1a. This is an exciting and important step to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Since there are limited supplies of the vaccine right now, we have to give it to those at highest risk first. We encourage everyone to be patient as we work through the phases. Everyone who wants a vaccine will have an opportunity to get it and as supplies increase, we will be able to broaden it to more people,” stated Jennifer Greene, Health Director, AppHealthCare.

We are currently in Phase 1a of vaccine distribution and are providing the vaccine to healthcare workers who are at highest risk of COVID-19 exposure, long term care facility staff and residents which includes skilled nursing facilities, and adult, family and group homes.

Last week we received 600 doses of Moderna vaccine and this week we received 975 doses of Pfizer vaccine. We anticipate we will receive 400 doses of Moderna vaccine next week. Out of the vaccines we have administered so far, no one has had an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

On December 30th, NC DHHS announced some modifications to the phases (more information here). We will be following the state’s outlined phases and administering vaccines to those who qualify within the current phase.

COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up Form – Coming Soon!

Beginning next week, we are planning to add a vaccine sign up form on our website for anyone who is interested in receiving the vaccine, regardless of what phase they are in. This will act as a place for individuals to submit basic information and then when they are eligible to receive the vaccine, they will be able to schedule an appointment.

The vaccine will be offered free of charge to everyone whether or not you have health insurance. To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine, visit our website here or NC DHHS’s website here.