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Appalachian State’s Solar Decathlon Entry Maison Reciprocite Ships to Versailles, France on May 16

May 14, 2014. Students from Appalachian State University will soon arrive in France to compete in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. The team has partnered with Universite d’Angers to create Team Reciprocite to compete in the competition inspired by the U.S. Solar Decathlon. The competition will challenge 20 collegiate teams from all over the world to design, build and operate cost effective, energy efficient and attractive solar-powered houses.

From a press release:

“Maison Reciprocity is a re-imagined row house that will be showcased and staged as a solution to create effective urban density in Versailles, France. Team Reciprocite’s goal is to provide an adaptable, affordable, market-ready and community-centric solution and that encourages lasting change in homeowner’s lifestyles.”

imgresMany ASU graduate and undergraduate students have worked day and night to design and build “Maison Reciprocity” which they will disassemble and ship to France from Norfolk, Va. on May 16.

Once safely in Versailles, France, the students from both Appalachian State University and Universite d’Angers will unite to compete against the other teams in June and July.

Each house in the competition will be rated for ten contests composing the decathlon. The ratings will be decided by a jury comprised of construction professionals, technicians and scientists. The team with the most points from all ten of the individual competitions will win the decathlon.

The decathlon is broken down into ten contests, each rated on a 100-point scale. The contests are as follows:

  • Architecture
  • Innovation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electrical Energy Balance
  • Comfort Conditions
  • House Functioning
  • Communication and Social Awareness
  • Urban Design, Transportation and Affordability
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Sustainability

The competing teams must follow a strict timeline to achieve victory. The timeline is as follows:

  • June 16-25: Assembly Period
  • June 26: Teams’ Private Visits
  • June 27: Official Opening Ceremony
  • July 2: Architecture Contest Award
  • July 3: Engineering Contest Award
  • July 4: Communication Contest Award
  • July 7-8: Passive Days
  • July 9 – Urban Design and Transportation Contest Award
  • July 10 – Energy Efficiency Contest Award
  • July 11 – Sustainability Contest Award
  • July 12 – Closing Ceremony
  • July 15-19 – Disassembly Period

For more information about the team or the competition, click here.