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Appalachian State University Welcomes New Chancellor Sheri Noran Everts This Morning; Photos Included!

by Madison V. Fisler

March 20, 2014. At 10 a.m. this morning, March 20, Central Dining Hall on the campus of Appalachian State University providing the setting for the official welcome for the university’s new chancellor, Dr. Sheri Noran Everts. 

Board of Trustee members, family, professors and members of the student body and the community filled Rivers Street Cafe with applause and excited banter as Student Body President Dylan Russell, Chair of the Board of Trustees Mike Steinback, Chancellor Ken Peacock and even Yosef himself officially welcomed Dr. Everts to ASU.

Chancellor Peacock welcomed the chancellor-elect with Appalachian regalia fit for her position, including baseball caps for herself and her husband, Appalachian State shirts and even her own “Chancellor Sheri Noran Everts” name plaque for her desk once she takes her new position.

“But you can’t use this yet!” noted Chancellor Peacock, reminding the chancellor-elect that she starts her new position in the summer. 

“Welcome to the Appalachian family,” he said. 

“I really want to thank you all for being here,” Everts said when she took the podium.

Everts expressed her excitement, and above all her gratitude to those in attendance and to Chancellor Peacock and Roseanne Peacock for setting the stage for the university’s success.

Sheri Noren Everts was announced as the new chancellor of Appalachian State University yesterday during a special meeting of the UNC Board of Governors this morning, presided by the UNC Board of Governors Chairman Peter Hans and UNC President Tom Ross. 

Noren Everts began her higher education career in 1994 as an assistant professor in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Rising through the academic and administrative ranks at UNO, she was named Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs in 2000, promoted to Associate Vice President in 2003, and named Interim Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs in 2006.  She served in that interim capacity until June 30, 2008, when she left Nebraska to become Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Illinois State University. 

“There is something in the water in Boone, and I am very anxious to drink a lot of it,” Everts said yesterday. 

Check out photos of the event this morning.

Student Body President Dylan Russell begins the ceremony


Board of Trustees and Chancellor Search Committee Chair Mike Steinback makes his opening remarks


Board of Trustees and Chancellor Search Committee Chair Mike Steinback


Mike Steinback


Chancellor Ken Peacock takes the stage


Chancellor Ken Peacock begins his opening remarks


ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock


ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock


ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock


ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock calls Dr. Sheri Noren Everts to the stage


ASU Chancellor Ken Peacock with Chancellor-Elect Sheri Noren Everts


Chancellor Peacock presents Dr. Sheri Everts with an ASU hat


Dr. Sheri Everts and her husband receive hats from Chancellor Peacock


Chancellor Ken Peacock Presents Dr. Sheri Noren Everts with her Chancellor nametag


Chancellor Ken Peacock presents Dr. Sheri Noren Everts with her name plaque for her desk as new chancellor


From left to right, Chancellor Ken Peacock, Chancellor-elect Dr. Everts, Mike Steinback and Dr. Noren


Chancellor-elect Sheri Noren Everts embraces Chancellor Ken Peacock


Chancellor-elect Everts embraces Chancellor Ken Peacock


Chancellor-elect Sheri Everts thanks Chancellor Peacock


Chancellor-elect Everts prepares to take the podium


Chancellor-elect Everts takes the podium, sporting her new desk plaque


Everts begins her opening remarks


Everts speaks to the crowd, sporting her new Appalachian hat


Chancellor Peacock and his wife, Roseanne, look on


Student Body President Dylan Russell, Chancellor Ken Peacock and Roseanne Peacock share a smile


Everts gives the crowd a thumbs-up


Yosef shows his own welcome with a hug


Yosef welcomes Everts to the university


Everts and Yosef


Chancellor Peacock shows Dr. Everts how to conduct the band


Everts and Peacock conducting the band


Chancellor-elect Everts and Yosef


Chancellor-elect Everts greets the student body