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Appalachian State University is Back in Session; Prepare for Road Delays and Increased Traffic in Boone Area

by Madison V. Fisler

Jan. 13, 2014. You may have noticed on your morning commute that the low-traffic days of December and early January are officially over. Over the weekend, students from Appalachian State University flooded back into their dormitories, houses and apartment complexes to prepare for the first day of class today.

Classes for the university officially went back into session at 8 a.m. this morning. 

More than 16,000 graduate and undergraduate students returned to classes today for the spring semester. Students will remain in session until Spring Break, which this year is March 10-14.

Drivers are cautioned to look out for increased pedestrian traffic and increased ridership on the AppalCART routes that serve the university and surrounding areas. Parking in the downtown Boone area may also be more difficult, and many businesses and complexes have resumed towing for the new semester.

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