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Appalachian State University Held Veterans Day Ceremony Held Morning of Nov. 10

Appalachian State University is comprised of students from all walks of life. A portion of the students are veterans. Some student veterans are currently enlisted, others have already served their time in the military, and  others are in the ROTC program. This morning, Appalachian State University Held a Veterans Day Ceremony in honor of the students and community members who have served in the military. The ceremony was lead by Colonel Ralph L. (Bo) Clayton III , Commander, 733d Mission Support Group, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, with remarks provided by Chancellor Everts.  Col. Clayton III is an alumni of Appalachian State University. 

The Veterans Day ceremony was located at the Veterans Memorial. The Veterans Memorial is located on the west side of the B.B. Dougherty Administration Building.  A reception followed the ceremony, and was held in the administration building lobby. 

When asking student Veterans about their military experience, as well as their experience at Appalachian, students said:

“The military shaped me into becoming a better student. The discipline I learned in the marines has helped me carry out my daily responsibilities, and has helped me to prioritize my school  assignments. In high school, my grades were not very good at all.  In the military, it took a year and a half of schooling to be able to perform my job. So, after being in the military, my grades are now very good. Not only did the military teach me how to be studious, it has helped me excellent in my daily life,” says student Scott Glover of Bristol VA. 

“I was a paralegal in the army. One of the things that I think is most misunderstood about veterans is that if you weren’t deployed then you aren’t a veteran. Whether veterans were deployed or not, they still helped serve this country. The Army has taught leadership, time-management and  strict discipline along with other things. The Veterans Center is a great place to meet other students who can relate to the experiences that you have, and it’s a great place to shoot the bull,” says student Grayson Farmer of Wilkes County. 

“I am currently an active member of the Air Force Reserves. My current rank is senior airman. I have not been deployed yet. I am an  air transportation journeyman. Some of the big takeaways that I have learned from the military is respect, time management and communication skills. Most student veterans get the stereotype of being old, a lot of them are not. I chose Appalachian State University because of the outdoors, and because my older sister is an alumni of Appalachian. I have taken on a lot of leadership positions, and have received an award because of that, which is due to my extracurricular activities and the military. Everyone who visits the Veterans Center has something in common- we have all been to basic training. That alone unites us and helps us bond with one another,” says student Elizabeth Morales of  Charlotte. 

Thank you to our veterans for your service.