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Appalachian State Offers Support for Student Veterans

Yesterday marked an annual national holiday recognizing and appreciating the sacrifices of U.S. veterans.

Within Appalachian State University, many students have made the transition from the military to college or are aspiring veterans.

At App State, veterans are celebrated in a variety of ways, especially through offering extensive programs designed for students in the military, most notably Appalachian’s ROTC program. The ROTC program helps to ensure smooth transitions within an educationally-stimulating environment.

App State’s ROTC program provides aspiring veterans with the skills necessary for success within the military, future careers and life in general. It also provides the community with a strong sense of support through students’ shared goals and ambitions.

The ROTC program is under the Student Veterans Association. The Student Veterans Association’s mission is, according to its website, “to provide a social group and support structure to help veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life, to raise awareness for veterans issues and facilitate the distribution of information to veterans, to promote community service and volunteerism and organize worthwhile projects and events pertaining to veterans needs and issues.”

Along with the ROTC program, App’s campus offers many clubs and organizations for aspiring veterans, such as AppState Student Veterans Association, National Society of Pershing Rifles and The National Society of Scabbard and Blade. More information about these internal organizations can be found by clicking here.