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Appalachian Ski Mtn, Originally Scheduled to Open Nov. 22, Will Open Slopes Next Week Weather Permitting

by Madison V. Fisler

Nov. 18, 2013. Traditionally, Appalachian Ski Mtn celebrates its winter season opening day the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year, the projected opening day was scheduled for Nov. 22, however, with warmer-than-usual temperatures this year, Appalachian Ski Mtn has pushed its projected opening day to Monday or Tuesday, Nov. 25 or 26. 

“The forecasted cold front was weaker than we anticipated,” said Drew Stanley of Appalachian Ski Mtn. 

tlb_030413_021959_4295“However, some really ideal temperatures for snowmaking will be coming over the weekend.”

Ideal conditions for snowmaking are below freezing temperatures, light wind so the snow can settle and dry humidity. As soon as weather permits, Appalachian Ski Mtn plans on cranking up the snowmakers to usher in the winter season as soon as possible. 

“There will be a crew here watching the temperatures, and it looks like we will be making snow around the clock this weekend,” said Stanley. “If its good snowmaking for just a few nights, we could be looking at opening the majority of the slopes early next week.”

In order to open the slopes, the resort has to have enough snow to be able to till with their grooming equipment and be able to maintain the exit and entrance ramps safely. 

Even if the opening day is postponed, Appalachian Ski Mtn is optimistic and excited about opening the slopes for the first time this season.

“People are really excited this time of year, they haven’t skied in a long time and it’s always a really fun environment, its like kids having a snow day!”

The first 100 guests at the ticket window on opening day receive a free ticket to enjoy the resort. 

“We will be working hard to get open,” said Stanley, “As soon as temperatures permit, we will be making snow.”