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Appalachian Rollergirls Take on The French Broads at the Convocation Center on Aug 3 for Epic Tiebreaker Bout

by Madison V. Fisler

Aug. 6, 2013. After a hard-fought battle in the Holmes Convocation Center, the epic tiebreaker match between the French Broads and the Appalachian Rollergirls last weekend ended in a 228-74 loss for our hometown heroines.

However, the game was epic and allowed the Appalachian Rollergirls to show off their skills, and provided a platform for one of their “fresh meat” jammers to score 24 points during the last play of the game. That’s one point shy of a “unicorn.”

During the first half of the game, the Rollergirls and the French Broads were tied. The Rollergirls ran into trouble when they started getting penalties, said Ashley Laws aka Ashinator #2000. 

The penalties allowed the French Broads to rack up 86 consecutive points 15 minutes into the first half. 

“Our strategy for our next matchup will be to work on our offense and stay out of the penalty box,” Laws said. 

The turnout for this bout was enormous, with more than 1,000 tickets being sold. The Rollergirls also sold a lot of merchandise. The money raised during this bout will go to benefit the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, an organization that strives to promote self-esteem and empowerment for girls who have been diagnosed with MRKH. 

“We really want to emphasize how great the fans were at this bout,” said Laws. “The fans were so wonderful and really came out to support us!”

This bout was the last home bout of the season for our local ladies. For more information about the Appalachian Rollergirls, be sure to visit their website here

The ladies get fierce


Appalachian Rollergirls take on the French Broads


Appalachian Rollergirls