Appalachian Regional Healthcare System Employees Have a New, Uniformed Look

Published Monday, April 13, 2015 at 4:24 pm

On Wednesday, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System will have a new look. Employees who work in patient care areas will begin wearing color-coordinated apparel specific to their job function.


No one wakes up in the morning wanting to go to the hospital. They are glad to know the hospital is there, but view the building as a confusing labyrinth of hallways filled with busy medical professionals taking care of sick patients. For this reason, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System actively listens to patient feedback in order to improve the overall patient experience.

The change to color-coordinated apparel came about after a recent patient satisfaction survey revealed that it would be helpful if patients could more easily identify healthcare employees within the hospital. For example, licensed nurses will wear solid navy blue or solid white uniforms and nursing assistants will wear turquoise.

“Our top priority is to provide exceptional patient experiences in every sense of the word,” said Amy Crabbe, vice president of people services at ARHS. “After listening to our patients, ARHS feels that this uniform change will go a long way toward helping patients easily identify and feel more comfortable when interacting with our healthcare staff.”

Approximately 700 employees, ranging from admitting staff to physicians, will begin wearing color-coordinated apparel to help patients and family members more easily identify them and their area of medical expertise. ARHS appreciates the feedback from patients and is excited about enhancing your patient experience.

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