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Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition Opening Reception Starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 1

 By Jesse Wood

March 1, 2013. The opening reception for the 10th annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition exhibition at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts on King Street starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 1.

Scott Hotaling’s “Bull Elk at Dawn” won the 2011 People’s Choice Award. Photo by Scott Hotaling

Since its inception, the competition has become one of the more prestigious photo competitions in the Southeast, attracting almost 900 submissions. 

For the exhibition, the submissions were narrowed down to 46 for six different categories. Voting for the People’s Choice Award starts tonight and ends May 17, and final judging for the other categories won’t take place for several weeks. 

The exhibition ends August 17. Scroll below to see the list of finalists and titles of the photos.

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Adventure: Depiction of mountain sports such as climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

  • Ben Keys, Jr. – “Stephens Gap”
  • Carol Meyhoefer – “On Line”
  • Tommy Penick – “Roan Trail Running”
  • Scott Hotaling – “Hawksbill Dawn”
  • Eric Heistand – “Lucy’s Dream Day”
  • Lynn Willis – “Jenny Allen Climbing Through Pea Soup” & “Black Ice Alert on Grandfather”

Weather on the Parkway: Different Blue Ridge Parkway theme each year

  • Deborah Scannell – “Vails of the Valley”
  • Nicole Robinson – “Ice Castles”
  • Annkatrin Rose – “Before the Storm”
  • Tommy Penick – “Fall Cycling”
  • Dave Allen – “Blue Ridge Parkway – Dappled Light at Craggy Gardens”

Culture – Depiction of the people, customs, traditions, architecture, and ways of life unique to the Southern Appalachian region.

  • Jim Ruff – “Highlands Hammer Heave”
  • Nicole Robinson – “Smokin’” & “Charles’s Chicken Conversation”
  • Chuck Almarez – “Porta Portrait”
  • Debra Vanderlaan – “Scenic Overlook”
  • Darron R. Silva – “Momma Tried”
  • Houck Medford – “Blue Ridge Parkway Saviors”
  • John Fletcher – “Bluegrass Jam”
  • Suzi Phillips – “Gossip Girls”
  • Sue Counts – “ ‘Aunt’ Orelena’s Story”
  • Eric Heistand – “Cowboy Up”

Environment – Depiction of environmental concerns in Central and Southern Appalachia.

  • Rob Travis – “Towers”
  • Leander Hutton – “Losing the Night”
  • Lynn Willis – “Return to Sender”

Flora and Fauna – Imagery of plants and animals common to the Southern Appalachians

  • B. Dudley Carter – “Are You Looking At Me”
  • Jim Ruff – “The Foggy Foursome”
  • Sharon Canter – “Another Autumn”
  • Amanda Prince – “Just Bee”
  • John Nichols – “Fontana Otter”
  • Dana Warren – “The Pane of Defeat”
  • Lonnie Crotts – “Large-Flowered Trillium (Trillium grandiflorium)”

Landscape – Scenic imagery capturing the rich diversity and natural beauty of the Southern Appalachian region

  • Kimberly G. Lane – “Seen Any Good Flicks Lately”
  • Ronnie Hodge – “Autumn Reflections”
  • Kenneth Voltz – “Looking Glass Rock Sunrise”
  • Catherine Hopkins – “Along the Boone Fork Trail Near the Blue Ridge Parkway”
  • Dana Warren – “Downstream Drifter”
  • Scott Hotaling – “Winter Majesty” & “Winter Tranquility”
  • Jack Daulton – “Clearing Storm Over Grandfather”
  • Lonnie Crotts – “Linville Gorge Wilderness Area” & “Mountain King”
  • Dave Allen – “A Glorious Greeting – Roan Mountain Rhododendron Bloom”
  • Eric Heistand – “Morning at Price Lake”
  • Sharon Canter – “Appalachian Night Lights”