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Appalachian Adds DegreeWorks Advising/Audit Tool

Oct. 16, 2012. DegreeWorks, a web-based academic advising and degree audit tool, is now available to students at Appalachian State University.

DegreeWorks is an academic planning tool with real-time counseling capabilities, giving students meaningful and consistent direction and providing advisors and student records managers with up-to-date curriculum information.

With a theme of “Finish in Four,” the Division of Academic Affairs has implemented the degree audit tool for students in response to a request from the Student Government Association to help students navigate curriculum requirements and keep them on track towards completing their college degree in four years.

“We believe DegreeWorks will empower students to assume more responsibility for taking the appropriate classes required in their intended major,” said Susan Davies, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management at Appalachian.

“This online tool makes degree requirements more transparent for the student, which will free up time in their advising appointments to focus on career aspiration rather than asking ‘What classes do I need to take,’” she said.

DegreeWorks allows students to explore “what if” scenarios, such as how a change in their major will impact the number of additional courses that will be required to graduate in four years.

Freshmen who entered Appalachian this fall learned about DegreeWorks during summer orientation. Rather than keeping up with paper degree checklists used in the past, they and other students will have access to their program of study 24 hours a day through the web-based program.

In the next year, additional options will be added to DegreeWorks. Students will have an opportunity to create a four-year plan using a curriculum planning tool, and academic departments will be able to use that information to better understand demand for certain classes when they are creating departmental class schedules.

More information about DegreeWorks is available at http://degreeworks.appstate.edu.