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Anvil Arts Sculpture Garden & Gallery Holding Autumn Open House on October 12

Hand-crafted, hand-painted steel and patina apples, made by Bill Brown, will be available during the Autumn Open House at Anvil Arts Sculpture Garden & Gallery on October 12.

By Joe Johnson

Anvil Arts Sculpture Garden & Gallery and Bill Brown Studio will be holding an Autumn Open House on October 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

            Various small and large pieces of art will be displayed indoors and outdoors at the garden & gallery located right off of Highway 221 in Linville Falls, directly across from the Linville Falls Winery. Crossnore Gallery and Weaving Room are just up the road for guests to enjoy as well; Linville Fall Hiking is also available nearby for attendees who are outdoors oriented.

            New artwork by Bill Brown will be displayed during the Autumn Open House; Bill has created a piece especially for the event in the form of hand-forged, hand-painted steel and patina apples that will be displayed alongside real apples picked from a nearby orchard. These steel apples are a rare variety; there is a limited supply, but they will last a lifetime.

Bill Brown is famous for his large-scale outdoor works of art; often Bill channels his artistic vision into sculptures. Currently, Bill has a renowned sculpture exhibition at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts entitled “Refugee.”

A new piece by Beau Lyday, entitled “Lotus”, standing at about seven feet tall and made from repurposed roofing tin from old barns, will be displayed in the garden during the open house. “Lotus seems to be one of those pieces that adds a bit of serenity to the view,” said Liz Brown of the Anvil Arts Sculpture Garden & Gallery, “It received an award at the recent Blowing Rock Sculpture Exhibition two months ago.”

            Refreshments such as seasonal beer and apple cider will be available for guests to sip during the Autumn Open House; sweet and savory treats will also be available for attendees to enjoy as they observe the works of art. “We’re doing the open house all day long because we know people are out and about doing things. We are here all day and we hope people can join us for whatever part of the open house they can,” said Liz Brown, “We hope that people will come out and visit with us to enjoy the artworks and the beautiful day.”

            Experience the beauty of perusing through a pristinely curated sculpture gallery during a brisk autumn day this Saturday, October 12 at the Anvil Arts Sculpture Garden & Gallery anytime from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.