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Another Person Arrested for Rash of Graffiti in Town, Capone’s Captures Unconnected Tagger

By Jesse Wood


Another person has been arrested by the Boone Police Department for the graffiti that’s been sprayed around town recently.

Peter Pizzato, 19, of Charlotte, was arrested on Thursday.

Vandalism and graffiti occurred at Brookshire Park, the Town of Boone’s Winkler’s Creek water treatment plant, Carroll Companies building in the industrial park and the “Horn in the West” property in Daniel Boone Park in February.


Pizatto is an Appalachian State University student – as is Matthew Goldstein, 18, who was arrested on Monday for tagging the “Horn in the West” property. Goldstein is a freshman, and Pizatto is a sophomore. Sgt. Shane Robbins said the two individuals were connected.

(On a side note, Appalachian State University allows graffiti in two tunnels that run under Rivers Street.)

On Friday, the police department announced that Pizatto, who was taken before the magistrate and placed under a $5,000 bond, has been charged with:

  • one felony breaking and entering,
  • one count of felony larceny after breaking and entering,
  • three counts of misdemeanor damage to real property,
  • three counts of misdemeanor defacing a public building,
  • two counts of misdemeanor damage to personal property,
  • one count of misdemeanor first degree trespassing and
  • one count of simple possession of marijuana.

Robbins said that the investigation is continuing and that more people may be charged in the future regarding the string of vandalism and graffiti.

While the graffiti front had been pretty quiet in Boone before recently, Robbins mentioned that it looks like a “group of kids” thought this might be a “cool” thing to do.

“But it didn’t turn out too well,” Robbins added.

In a separate graffiti case that doesn’t look related to investigators with the Boone Police Department, another young man was caught vandalizing next door to Capone’s Pizza & Bar on King Street.

Chris Staggs, owner of Capone’s Pizza, said a young male was “hanging out inside acting real sketchy.” At first, Staggs thought this person was underage and trying drink beer.

Staggs said this fellow was inside drawing on the bathroom walls, and then went outside next door and started spray painting. Staggs said the person tagged “Made You L—” – as in made you look – before Staggs grabbed him and called the police.

The young man then got away and was caught on camera running away by a Capone’s employee, who then posted the video on Facebook.

Staggs said that what the young man was expressing was pretty “stupid.”

“You know the thing is I like graffiti when it is done right, but I find that idiotic,” said Staggs, who even made a reference to the cult graffiti artist Banksy, who has become quite famous around the world over the years.

Robbins said that this incident is also under investigation.

When Goldstein was arrested, Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford released this statement:

“The Horn in the West has historic and cultural significance for Boone. I know all of us who love Boone are deeply disappointed that someone thought so little of Boone that they would do such a thing. Our investigators did a fantastic job solving this crime.

“We continue to develop evidence and believe others were involved … We will continue to investigate, and do our best to ensure that all those who were involved are made to take responsibility for their crimes.”