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After Gunshot Incident in Zionville, Male With Chest Wound Airlifted To Johnson City Early Hours of Tuesday

By Jesse Wood

July 30, 2013. Law enforcement and paramedics responded to a gunshot incident at 2221 Silverstone Road in the Zionville area during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The call came in about 3:40 a.m.

Sheriff Len Hagaman said, “It was supposedly an accident.”

According to an incident report, the gunshot wound was to the chest of 37-year-old Jonathan Triplett. The gun was a “chrome, two shot .38 special” Cobra, according to the report. On Tuesday, Hagaman said the wound was probably survivable after speaking to a paramedic on the scene. Triplett was airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center in Johnson City, Tenn., by Wings Air Rescue.

According to the report, the investigation is closed and no arrests were made.