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After Being Evicted from ‘Horn in the West’ Facilities, SAHA To Request Amendments To Modified Lease

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 15, 2014. After being evicted from “Horn in the West” facilities in August by the Boone Town Council, Southern Appalachian Historical Association (SAHA) will request amendments to the lease the town modified last month at a council meeting on Thursday.

The Boone Town Council revoked SAHA’s license to use the property for the remainder of year because of a violations regarding electrical work on the property and for failure of completing improvements that were agreed upon before the town agreed to allow SAHA to present the “Horn in the West” outdoor drama for the 2014 season.

The license was modified after the completion of the season in August and SAHA was ordered to vacate the premises immediately (with exception to the Hickory Ridge Living Museum and associated related parking spaces), according to a letter the town sent to the SAHA board. Mayor Andy Ball said that SAHA could come back before the council to request a license to operate on the property in 2015.

SAHA replied that a “miscommunication” between the town and SAHA led to the fallout.

Now, SAHA is requesting permission to use “Horn in the West” facilities for the rest of the 2014 to store equipment, carry out activities with Hickory Ridge Living Museum and begin discussions with the town for a new license in 2015.

See requested amendments below.

The Boone Town Council meets on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on Blowing Rock Road. See agenda here.