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Additional Space Available in WCS Pre-K Program

June 25, 2014. Spaces remain available in local pre-kindergarten classes for four year olds that meet state eligibility requirements and parents are being encouraged to apply for the open slots.

“Thanks mostly to a new collaborative effort sponsored by the Lucy Brock Child Development Center, we have more pre-kindergarten spaces this year than last year and not all of the spaces are filled yet,” said Director of Elementary Education Tamara Stamey.  “We encourage parents of four year old children to apply with the Children’s Council right away if they would like their child to take advantage of the free, high-quality services provided through this program.”

Under the state’s requirements, children must be four years old by or before August 31 and must meet “at risk” criteria such as low household income, possible developmental delays, or other factors to be eligible for the service.   As part of the application process, parents need to provide verification of household income, a copy of the child’s certified birth certificate, and two documents proving residence in Watauga County.

Several schools have openings for pre-kindergarten at this time, including spaces available in a classroom being added to the program this year at Valle Crucis School.  Children do not have to reside in a school’s attendance area to attend pre-kindergarten at that school.  However, they must attend the school in their ”Goldstein’s high-end matchmaking agency, Three sagittarius horoscope daily Rule, is actually a pretty conventional operation, as far as these things go. attendance area when they begin kindergarten the following year regardless of where they attended pre-kindergarten.

Parents can obtain an application on the parent links page of the WCS website or on request from the Children’s Council of Watauga County at 262-5424.  All applications must be submitted in person to the Children’s Council in Boone at 225 Birch St, Suite 3. To find the application form online, go to www.watauga.k12.nc.us, choose the Parent Links heading, and then click on “forms, menus & other WCS information.”

The pre-kindergarten schedule is the same as for other classes in the Watauga County Schools and children in the program receive the same school bus service and meal services as other students.  The WCS afterschool program is not able to serve pre-kindergarten children.