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Active Winter Season Has Dropped Over Two Feet of Snow in Boone with Just Under Three Weeks of Winter Remaining on the Calendar

One lonely pile of dirty snow remains in the parking lot at Boone Mall on Monday afternoon.

By Nathan Ham

Boone and surrounding areas in the High Country have certainly had their fair share of snow during the 2020-21 winter season. Boone has nearly tripled the amount of snow that fell last winter when only 9.1 inches of snow fell. So far this year, according to snow totals provided by Ray’s Weather Center, Boone has recorded 25.7 inches of snow and ice during the winter months. Snow is possible overnight Tuesday and early morning Wednesday as well. There are still 18 days of winter left until the first day of spring on March 20. 

Ray’s Weather Center also has updated snowfall totals for Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. In Beech Mountain, the town has received 52.7 inches since the first snow of the year that was reported on December 1 when three inches fell. Eight inches of snow fell on February 2, the highest single-day total in the town this winter. Sugar Mountain has had 78.5 inches of snow since December 1 when five inches of snow fell. Nine inches of snow fell on Christmas Day, which is the highest single-day total in Sugar Mountain so far this winter.

Winter temperatures have remained cold for steady periods of time, which has allowed for more snowfall from storms that moved through the area. However, residents have not had to deal with the bone-chilling cold of years past with single-digit and below zero temperatures except at higher elevations like Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. Boone saw just two days this winter where the temperature dropped into single digits, first on Christmas Day and again on December 26 when the low was nine degrees on both days.

The end of February brought warmer temperatures to the High Country. Boone had one day where the high reached 63 degrees (February 24) and two days of 62 degrees (February 27 and February 28). This was the first time since December 13 when the high surpassed 60 degrees.

Coldest Temperatures This Winter

Beech Mountain: 0 degrees (December 26)

Blowing Rock: 7 degrees (December 26)

Boone: 9 degrees (December 26)

Deep Gap: 10 degrees (December 26)

Linville: 5.4 degrees (December 26)

Sugar Mountain: -1 Degree (December 26)

Valle Crucis: 9.7 degrees (December 26)

West Jefferson: 8.9 degrees (December 26)

Snow Totals This Winter

Beech Mountain: 52.7 inches

Boone: 25.7 inches

Sugar Mountain: 78.5 inches