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ACS Snow Day Survey For Parents, Employees, The Options: Extend School Year or Shorten Spring Break

By Jesse Wood

March 27, 2013. Avery County Schools cancelled school once again on Wednesday, making 19 days missed so far in the 2012-13 school year.

Although Watauga County Schools decided to shorten spring break by two days, Avery County Schools has posted a survey on its website, asking parents and employees what they would prefer. The two options presented in the survey are a shortened spring break or an extended the school year.

“We have a school calendar committee made up of parents and employees and actually more parents really,” said Leslie Laws, administrative assistant to the superintendent. “

The deadline for the two-question survey is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2. 

Avery County Schools also got out the message of the survey yesterday over its robo-call recording system that alerts community members of happenings within the school system.

If folks don’t have access to the internet, Laws said people can call the central office and staff will jot down their response to be compiled within the survey. 

Take the survey, here.

Call the central office of Avery County Schools at 828-733-6006.

Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie