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AAA Carolinas Offers Insurance 101 Following Snow Storm

With winter storms being the third-leading cause of property damage, AAA Carolinas is urging homeowners to properly insure their homes and providing tips on what to do after a storm.

“Though insurance policies can vary from property to property, it is still important to know your rights and to try to cover yourself in the best way possible for your situation,” said Tiffany Wright, AAA Carolinas spokesperson.

Below are some common claims after a snow storm:

  • In the event that a tree or limb falls and damages your property, the person on the property who suffered the damage files the claim – no matter where the tree fell from.
    • If your neighbor’s tree hits your house, your insurance should cover it. If your tree hits your neighbor’s house, their insurance will cover it.
    • If the tree was a known hazard prior to it falling, you may be liable for the damage.
  • Heavy wind that causes damage to homes is covered under a standard policy. This includes falling limbs and a roof collapse as a result of heavy snow.
    • Freezing pipes that burst due to the cold are covered as well.
    • Melting snow that seeps into the walls or roof/ceiling is covered BUT melted snow that seeps in from the ground is categorized as flood damage, which is only covered if you have flood insurance.
  • In the event that you are displaced by a winter storm’s damage to your home, most standard homeowner’s policies cover reasonable expenses for you living elsewhere while its fixed.
  • In the event that you collide with another car during a snow storm, liability insurance covers any damage you do to other cars, people or stationary items.
    • Collision coverage handles the damage caused to your own vehicle.
    • If you are involved in a snow/ice-related crash, take photos of the damage, call law enforcement and contact your insurance company before seeking repairs.

In each claim filing event, make sure to record all damage for your record. To help mitigate further loss or damage, please be sure to keep your receipts if you need to make emergency repairs.

AAA Carolinas recommends contacting your insurance agent to speak specifically about your policy and what it covers, as all coverages differ.

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